Our Kid’s Fest was celebrated on 25th January 2019.  It is a joyous event we all look forward to as it is the day of our Princes and Princesses of our Pre-Primary Section. The day was honored by the presence of our beloved Chairman. Our dynamic CEO Rtn.Murali Rao accompanied our Chairman to add flavor to the  joyful celebration of the day. Our active Principal Mr.D.David Manoharan and Mrs.Yamalatha Vice Principal attested their appreciation with their willing eyes and ears.

The programme started lighting Kuthu Vizhakku. The prayer was followed by the stunning performance our kids reciting the classical notes. Every child was given an opportunity to perform on the stage. Some budding flowers came with rhymes; some blossoms with western and semi-classical dances; some little birds unfolded their wings in the imaginative world of fairy land- “SNOW WHITE AND SEVEN DWARFS’; some fragrant flowers spread their florescence by enacting the dance drama, Thagappan Swamy depicting Lord Muruga, who taught the universal Mantra ’OM’ to his father Lord Shiva. It was really a moment of celebration in the inspiring journey of school education of our flowering buds. It was the showcase of the talents of the kids that have been nurtured by our teachers. For the parents it was a matter of great pride to watch their wards on stage.

The energetic performance of our students invigorated the entire atmosphere.