Principal’s desk

Name: D. David Manoharan, M.Sc., M.A., M.Ed., LLB.
Service: Having 25 years of experience in the field of Education and Administration.

I am honored to be the Principal of Dr. G. S. Kalyanasundaram Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Pazhaya Gudalur, an institution, an academy for excellence in school education. The purpose of education is to attain knowledge to face the competitive challenges ahead and comparatively to lead a high and dignified life. It is must we should update ourselves to the international standards to earn our bread and butter. Hence it is the moral responsibility of the school to trim, train, guide and lead the students to acquire his best and to aware them their duty as an individual and as the citizen of a democratic country.


Mr.D. David Manoharan

Keeping this in mind Dr. GSK started its journey in the field of education in 2000. Dr. G.S.K. is not a school; it is a temple of Education with its desired management and dedicated faculty members who are willingly serve the cause of education, a committed service to the rural domain. The School provides the common facilities with an excellent infrastructure that felicitates the students to achieve their academic, vocational or any other goal in life. With fullest happiness the students render their hard work with fullest efforts to achieve their target. Though affiliated to Matriculation Board, the school offers a distinct curriculum along with the regular pattern of education ensuring the full structured shape of the subject – a deep and wide subject knowledge. The faculty, coordinators, experts and administrators together as a team stand firm and engage themselves for the well-being, holistic and overall development of the students. Our school is the repository of knowledge, the nursing ground for the representatives of thought, wisdom and service.

Academically we are marching ahead with the excellent performance of our children. To enhance their performance we have built a system that helps the children to go beyond the international standard. In order to intensify their qualities, level of understanding, level of knowledge and academic performance we have implemented Q (Qualifying), P(Performing), O(Outstanding) (O3, O2, O1, O+) Categorized levels to calibrate their knowledge in any subject. Over a period of time, this serves as an indicator. Identifying their levels the students shift themselves from one level to another, ultimately reaching the O+ (outstanding) level. For this our supporting tool is ICTC [ Intensive care Training cell], where the children are given personal care and attention to gain adequate knowledge in the particular subject or concentrate more in the weak area thereby correcting and placing them in the higher standards. We maintain SCR (School Cumulative Record), HCR (Home Cumulative Record) to shape the mindset of the children and to focus their full efforts towards education. These records are maintained by the teachers and the parents respectively. Periodically we have the review meeting related to this to ensure the improvement in the children’s attitude. Further, the High School and the Higher Secondary students prepare their own ‘Subject wise, self-analyzing and Remedial chart’ for their improvisation.

To shelter all these, to the keep themselves fit and fresh and to increase their brain power we provide Neuro Linguistic Program (NLP). To keep the children physically and mentally fit for any circumstance we practice yoga, meditation and periodical counseling. We train the children to observe a Health-food chart to promote their health.

To gain their confidence in their inherent ability and to quench the thirst of creative skills, we offer a number of co-curricular activities. With their involved commitment to any one area of the art education the children can touch the peak of fame. To have the integrated growth, the students are given extensive coaching both in outdoor and indoor games with the dream of participating in the Olympics and to held high the flag of Dr. GSK in the international level. Our Sports Academy functions round the clock and every year many children top rank the table with number of medals in the state level. The prime aim of sports and games is to enable the children to pursue their higher studies in sports quota.

This year we initiated Dr. GSK KIDZ School to provide an ideal learning environment for the pre-school children to start their first brush with academic life. It will bring about a systematic growth engaging the kids with lot of fun and play. Scientifically developed activities will stimulate the curiosity of the child that makes learning easy and enjoyable one. With an at most interest and importance for the student’s future, with a special concern in shaping their career we have started the COIP [Career Oriented Integrated Program] right from class III to XII. This will 100% ensure the bright future of every child. In connection to this we have Dr. GSK world Career Informative Centre to let the Children be in Contact with us to get guidance in selecting their choice of Career, Where to continue and pursue their higher studies and to place themselves in highly reputed concerns and companies across the globe.

It is our duty to contribute to the development of the children. We cradle and nurture qualified students to bloom and spread his/her wings as an element of service in different sections of the society and to enjoy their days with full fortune. I am confident; our school certainly presents a well refined, well-groomed Social being to the society. I sincerely express my thanks to the management who stand firm and strong like pillars uplifting each and every child of this great institution who are adequately equipped with the spirit of confidence to conquer the world.